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4-Week Diabetes Health Challenge
It’s An 8-Step “Journey To Whole Health “

Journey To Whole Health is an 8-step video-based course designed to help shift your diabetes paradigm and equip you to reverse diabetes and rewrite your health story.


What You Will Learn

  • Make sense of the confusion surrounding diabetes treatment.

  • The diabetes-fitness connection, and how to gear your exercise regimen to fight diabetes.

  • The diabetes-food connection, and how you can optimize your meals to nourish your body instead of damaging it.

  • The diabetes-mind connection, and how your health involves more than just what you eat and do.


You will have lifelong access to the program. Coaches are available to give you support and accountability through a private Facebook group. There is a weekly live Q&A to address challenges and celebrate victories. All for $149.99. You pay $99 using this Check Your Risk promo code (CYR).


Online Exercise Workout Access for A Year (Optional)

  • Access to hundreds of world-class, popular workouts

  • Exclusive Super Trainer workouts

  • Free personal coach

  • Meal plans & recipes, and access to a cooking show

  • Fitness guides and workout calendars

  • Streaming from your laptop, TV, tablet, or smartphone


All this for $100!

Fifteen-minute Orientation required

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4-Week Diabetes Health Challenge 
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